IT projects could be primarily categorized into 3 types:

Issues could be faced even though executing tasks whether in the personal sector or the government units. To comprehend the particular reasons for failing of government tasks one must understand the features of Open public sector tasks. But there are a few specific problems which result in project failing in the federal government sector. They are usually devoted to procurement timelines, accountability or insufficient as well as the volatile politics environment.

Having realized the differences between your two sectors one main factor that leads to failure in government tasks can be defined as the technology alter. The government tasks are long-term and there is usually a large lag between their conception, execution and indication off. As a result of this the technology foot of the task itself might become outdated.

The IT arm of the federal government is currently backed by external suppliers; therefore the government ought to be knowledgeable in order to make sure that the applications, providers, technology etc are sufficient and would bring about efficient procedures and enhanced efficiency.

Because of the distance of the task duration it could thus happen that those who have approved or done the task requirements initially are moved to some other department. It is also stated as insufficient professional support or accountability. This qualified prospects to a fresh group of people/ users who need to get acclimatized using the task goals, features etc. Insufficient effective risk evaluation and management procedure too may be the most common reason behind task failure.

The bottom line is the most frequent known reasons for failure of government tasks could be captured as:

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