I think, not beneath the banner from the fusion of two brand-new bottled old wines, or do the same kind of story, there must be a fresh thinking and strategies. As the digital commerce the last mentioned from the field, su ning electrical equipment of underneath heart or from behind the effective logistics program support, in “towards the logistics the globe” as the e-commerce marketplace, its are transported the benefit of logistics even more prominent. As a result, “Rock crusher two of fusion” may be the fundamental change of manufacturing sector, in support of by “two of fusion”, to determine the modern sector structure, forms an entire commercial product system, to create the new production facilities. Countries possess place the “two of fusion” setting in establishing brand-new industry system, making the new commercial ability,China cellular crushers promotes the brand new industry of the grade of the strategic elevation.

Talking about the organization Ball mills, the fusion of both concrete objective is to determine a new production facilities. Will the info into the analysis and development program, will product description, simulation evaluation and experimental procedure integration for brand-new development platform to understand distributed collaborative; For instance, the establishment of digital workshop creation lineOre flotation apparatus, the digital means and machine device mixed, realize high automation and intelligent, the advertising enterprise’s industrial capability; CIO to create software, constructed from network managers become from the organization business flow administration, become enterprises to understand the integration of both lead, to be the organization establish new commercial program the building’s architect, make the informationization turns into the new processing the primary competence of companies Classifiers. So, you want to details only heavy program from days gone by, change is to market the organization details with the main element success elements and primary business ability, in order to support the execution of organization development technique. Through the info program of support organization global marketing program.

China’s manufacturing sector transformation, and the main element is to totally change the original Chinese manufacturing program framework Hammer crusher. Those are involved in processing informatization of professionals in neuro-scientific and practitioners. Want we’ve advanced thinking, want our courage and daring. I am hoping in the change and upgrading of China’s fresh manufacturing process, info construction meet up with the tendency from the industrial development.

In “1025” period, China production industry in “two of fusion” procedure for, make sure to produce a fresh format Spiral classifier cost, fresh development magic size. SZ) and house electrical home appliances (0493. As the Chinese language electrical home appliances sale route of both giants, because of the fast advancement of network and customer buys the developing habit development, su ning electrical equipment (002024. On the market once again after the modification, the previous revolutionaries joined fresh battlefield. E-commerce marketplace shows just about everywhere. Su ning electrical equipment may be the chairman zhang stated in the near east, digital commerce is definitely retail the fast development of the brand new platforms, su ning aspires to be the web and entity retail “constantly mix” electronic company model. HK) can be scrambling to develop their e-commerce business, march strenuous advancement but also the brutal competition in the web retail market. Wish you’ll be “two of fusion” idea through to the complete business informationization, modernization and cleverness of fresh manufacturing enterprise, from the China making to China’s creation.

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