My name is Julio. There are many other things I will share through the various articles here on my blog, including skills, experiences and tips.

Since I have written almost about everything, you are probably wondering about what I do every day. Therefore, I would like to answer some of the questions here for everyone to read:

Am I a multi-level agent?

Definitely not and 100% not. I hate multi-level. Although my students tried to make me join a multi-level team in 2006 when they were first-year students led by a brother – the lecturer at the school. I found this model relatively scientific, but when it came to be done in real life, it became a scam.

Many of our customers are now asking themselves, but the answer will still be: “No.”

But I also have to thank the first multi-level because it also changed my mind, helping me first read the books on getting rich and change yourself. At the same time to train the ability to communicate, to motivate them.

Students can also take advantage of the multi-level seminars to learn more but please do not sink deep and go cheating on your loved ones! Hahaha just kidding! Enjoy my blog everyone!